“Top Sellers” Pro Wrestling Crate


So since I didn’t get any other beauty subscription boxes this month I decided I’m going to review this instead.

So as some of you guys know I am a big wrestling fan and I did get one of these a few months ago that I really enjoyed so I decided to get another one when they released this theme.

This month’s theme was Top Sellers meaning that these are the wrestlers whose merchandise is the top-selling on their website. The original title for the box I believe was AEW and then they changed it which I’m not complaining because I really dug this box. So let’s jump into it


This is a Marty Scrull Villain Enterprises logo enamel pin. I really like the overall design and the colors this is going on the pinboard.


Each month you get an autographed 8 x 10 this month was Hangman Adam Page riding Hunter Horse Hemsley. Which I was excited about because I do adore Adam Page cause he is just a good time.


This is one of the Micro Brawler.  This month was Matt Cardona who you may know as Zack Ryder. I feel like he’s the reason they changed the theme was because he just got released from WWE and they put these in there which I was excited because I’m a big fan of his. And then in the next month, they’re going to have Brian Myers so you can have the STOMP set.


This is a CM punk pipe bomb sticker. If you were a wrestling fan then you know exactly what the pipe bomb is and I really dig the sticker so I’m gonna have to find someplace to put it.


This is the Best of Cactus Jack in ECW. Which is Mick Foley’s alter ego who I adore and I honestly just adore Foley in general. I do really like this DVD it’s got a bunch of the old ECW matches from the 90s and most of them are in like high school gyms and weird places that wrestling sometimes took place in and it’s a good time I really like this one.


This is  Cody’s part of the Elite Children’s book series. It’s a  short box about how you have to work as a  team to overcome the odds. It’s honestly really precious. I really enjoyed it.

As with every box you get two shirts so I’m gonna jump into those next.


This is a  Jon Moxley shirt  No Games,  Just Pain shirt, which I didn’t have a Mox shirt so I was super stoked and I love the overall design of it.


And the second shirt is from The Elite which is the big faction in AEW. They have made a lot of success on pro wrestling tees selling merchandise.  I really dig the shirt I like the design since it’s that old 80s wrestling feel. Plus both of these shirts are super comfortable and they’re way more comfortable than anything I’ve ever gotten in a WWE Slam Crate.

I really dug this box. I loved everything that was in it actually.  I’m getting the next box which is Tag Teams Part 4 since I just forgot to cancel it which I’m not disappointed in because I do like the Teams it’s including. I’ll have another one of these reviews when I get that.

If you would like to sign up for this and I will post the link below it’s actually a good time and you actually get very good items for like $30 which is probably the best pro wrestling subscription that I’ve come across so far.

Sign up for Pro Wrestling Crate!

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