Beats by Dre.

Hello, lovelies,

I’m back finally with another review. I have been in a lag with life in general. These headphones have helped me throught it.  I bought these a couple months ago cause I had been wanting a pair for a while. I was gonna wait for my birthday but decided to fuck it and just ordered them. Well since yesterday was my birthday decided to go ahead and review them. img_1017.jpg

I took a couple days to look at them and research to see which ones I wanted. I decided on these Beats Solo3 cause I knew I wanted something wireless. Plus they had these in Rose Gold. I always want things in some shade of pink so it worked. This is the outside of the box.


When you open the box you get greeted with this message. Which honestly made me feel good about the purchase.


Once you pull out the insert above you see this clip on bag which contains the headphones. The logo on the bag is Rose Gold to match the headphones.  I use this case to clip them on to my purse so I don’t just have them laying around to where I will probably break them. Also it has a  pocket on the inside of it that you can store the charging cord in.


Here are the actual head phones! Aren’t they beautiful? I mean they are stunning. They are very well made and don’t look cheap which for the price I paid is good. I have been through a lot of cheap headphones that just stop working after a while so I was ready for something good.

I paid about $215 for these with taxes and all. I also bought 2 lightning chargers since I have been using generic ones and one broke off in my phone. I decided to spend the money and buy legit apple ones. Trust me it’s worth it so do it.

I have had these since the end of April, when I got them I charged them fully. I used them everyday for several hours for almost a month before they died on me. I consider that a  win since that’s the one thing I was worried about was them dying on me constantly. These have been incredible and I’m glad I finally decided to get them.

If you have thought about buying a pair I suggest it cause it is a good investment, at least it was for me. Especially if you like music or need a  pair of  headphones in general. I personally love them.

Buy Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones.

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