Pro Wrestling Crate Tag Teams Pt 4


I’m finishing out June with this other subscription box that I got. This is this month’s Pro Wrestling Crate.


This month’s is Tag Team, it’s actually their 4th go around with the them. Cause there are so many good tag teams in the world they all  deserve some love.


This is a Brian Myers S.T.O.M.P. ‘s Micro Brawler which is the tag partner of Matt Cardona one in the last box.


This is an Edge and Christina Kazoo, which if you have watched wrestling as long as I have you know how incredibly cool this is. Actually I never realized I didn’t know how to play Kazoo until now. I blew in it and thought well damn it doesn’t work. Then I saw a video from Pro Wrestling Crate doing a tutorial of how it works cause people had emailed in about it. You hum in it and I felt dumb, but it’s funny.


Retro Steiner Brothers Pin. Which I dig since I always liked them when I was younger. They were just fun.


Cryme Tyme Tales from The Road Comic. This is a comic all about the first time Shad met JTG  which is a fun story. The end of the comic is a dedication to Shad who just passed last month. It’s really a touching tribute. I really enjoy these comics and need to start looking for them.


Autographed 8×10 of The North which is Ethan Page and Josh Alexander. Page is the only one I actually know of since I somehow follow him on Twitter.  So I’m not too familiar with them since I don’t ever watch Impact cause I forget about it.

The first of the 2 t-shirts you get in each box is an FTR which is the team of Dax and Cash you may know them back another name which isn’t important now. I really dig this shirt the design and everything.  Plus I do like that they took the name FTR which was something random running joke and turned it into this. I’m happy these boys are finally getting to do what they want.

The second T-shirt is a  Brain Busters shirt which I also really like. I like especially that they chose these 2 teams as the shirts in this box. Since the Brain Busters are an inspiration for FTR it’s like a father and son kind of thing. Plus these shirts are super comfy as always.

I was going to cancel after last month til I saw the teams featured in this one. I’m not complaining I love Tag Teams. This box was incredible and I really loved it.  Cause this isn’t stuff that I would normally buy honestly. Every month Pro Wrestling Tee’s picks a  charity that they give proceed from the Crates to. This month was the Go Fund Me for Shad Gaspard’s family which is perfect. Shad was such talent and always seemed like a  delight of a  person. If you look him up you will see that no one ever says anything bad about him. Another reason why I’m glad I decided to get this crate.

This is a month to month subscription which you can cancel anytime. I usually do the month to month depending on the theme and who is featured. These are about $34 per crate if you do that which is a steal. You get 3 random items, an exclusive enamel pin, a  sign 8x 10, and 2 t-shirts.  You get more than your money’s worth. If you are a  wrestling fan I suggest this one.

Sign up for Pro Wrestling Crate.

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