Wear a damn mask


I have been in a haze lately with everything going on in the world. Honestly, my little empath heart can’t take it sometimes. Hence why my blog has gone to shit lately. It baffles me that people have such disregard for others. Especially when it comes to something as simple as wearing a mask or social distancing. So here is my attempt to get that anger out and hopefully educate someone. 

We are in a pandemic people. In case you don’t know what that means here is the definition from  Dictionary.com. 

adjective: pandemic
  1. (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.
noun: pandemic; plural noun: pandemics
  1. an outbreak of a pandemic disease.
    “The results may have been skewed by an influenza pandemic”

This is a serious matter. Since we were all quarantined for most of the year. You know unless we had to leave the house for work so that we could attempt to contain this thing. I get that some people felt trapped cause it’s hard but it’s something that had to be done. People complained and even rioted that they were being forced to stay in their homes for months.  Yes, they were encouraged to stay in to prevent this from spreading. However, people complaining that they needed a hair cut and massages. Honestly dumb bullshit and I’m sorry,  cut your own hair like the rest of us did. No one should have to risk their own health in the pandemic cause your hair is too long. So states started lifting the quarantine to let people go out just to social distance and wear a mask. Now people are complaining about having to wear a mask. You wanted out of the house but can’t follow the one thing you were asked to do. 

Honestly, it’s not hard to just wear a mask. You can rig a banana or a  piece of fabric. I have included instruction I found on google on how to do that below.


Listen, I have the luxury of having work from the home job anyways. So nothing changed for me just that I didn’t go to the store and get groceries like I normally did. The only time I left the house since April was to go to the mailbox or to take the dogs for a walk.  Honestly, I felt bad even going for a walk since I don’t wear a  mask when I do, cause I wear glasses 99% of the time and the condensation it causes is no help to me when walking a 90lb husky. I do practice social distancing and don’t really walk anywhere there are a lot of people. I do keep my mask on me incase I encounter someone. Also per Virginia law, if you are exercising you don’t have to wear a mask.  Until a couple weeks ago I hadn’t been anywhere outside of my neighborhood. I went to my dad and sister’s house for father’s day. I did stop at the gas station on the way back and I was the only person wearing a mask even though the sign on the door said it was required. I’m talking not even the cashier. However, he was behind plexiglass, so I’m assuming he is using that as his protection. Once I got in the car I used the hand sanitizer that is kept in the door.  A couple days after that I went to take off the recycling and again I was the only person wearing a mask. It’s an outdoor center but still, these are people in close range of each other. 

The whole point of this post is to wear your fucking mask. Unless you have a condition and your doctor says you shouldn’t wear one. Wearing one doesn’t change your oxygen level at all. There are videos on TikTok and YouTube that will show you that. What it does do is prevents germs from spreading. You could have come in contact with someone who unknowingly had Covid-19 and now you are just spreading that to everyone. The best way I have heard of it is to think of it as Glitter. Have you ever used or been around someone who is using glitter? If so then you know that you don’t even have to touch the glitter and will find it on you later. It’s the same thing here.  I have heard horror stories of people getting sick cause someone got into their face over something stupid then they end up sick. Also going to the beach can wait unless you are going to social distance. Also, as for those protesting most of them are taking those precautions and wearing masks. I know there are some that may not be at this is post is directed at them too.  So do your fellow human being a favor and wear a mask. Cause if we don’t take the precaution this is never going to end and more people will die cause of it. 

I have included some more google imaging on what to do and not to do during this time.

Also here is one so you know the difference between masks and no mask. 

Also here are some references that I found helpful.

Since I’m in  Virginia, of course, I looked up my local regulations for preventing COVID at this time. Which a lot of people in Virginia like to use the excuse that It’s illegal to enter a place of business wearing a  mask cause yes that is a legit Virginia law. However, we are in a  pandemic so that has changed things for the time being. I suggest googling your stats regulations for wearing a mask during this. 

Virginia COVID Mask regulations

Of course here is the CDC information all about it. 

CDC information on wearing a mask

One thought on “Wear a damn mask

  1. I agree with you . Anytime I go shopping or have to do errands I bring my mask with me . I’m currently in a covid hot spot and one of my friend’s is recovering from it . Its really sad how many people think its a conspiracy or because they live in a smaller area they shouldn’t wear a mask because it goes against thier freedom or something.

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