Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows


I have been trying to go through my makeup recently and see what I have missed. That’s when I found this and realized I have used it a ton of times but didn’t review it.

These are Matte & Metal Melted liquid eyeshadow. I got it in 2 shades which I’m gonna review together.

First let’s talk about packaging. This is a tube almost looks like a liquid lipstick.
However when you open it is split in half. One side is the liquid Matte and then the other side is the metal shimmer shadow.

Dinero– is a light Oliver green shimmer that almost works a a silver.

Minted– is a mint green matte.

All of them keep the same design since it’s a collection of them. It would be silly to change the them up.

I really dig the dual side, also the ombre effect that they  use on them. It’s looks better on this shade then the green. 

Silk bomber– is a deep almost maroon pink matte.

Bubblegum- is a baby pink shimmer with some gold hues to it.


Here is a look I did use both of the shades. The matte formula is pretty easy to blend. You do have to blend it quickly before it dries. The shimmers are also blendable but if you just let them dry I feel like that takes longer. They are both very buildable. I haven’t had any issues with them faded throughout the day or running.

I really like them and would buy them again.

These come in  15 shades and are $25 apiece.

Buy Huda Beauty Melted Shadows.

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