Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!


Some how I made it 3 years when it feels like I just started this blog yesterday. I know this year I’ve been slacking. Just with everything that’s going on with the world it’s become disheartening in a way. Between that and the chaos of work. As I have said before training for customer service and we’ve swamped with everything just to make sure that we have the ample amount of support to help people who need things during this pandemic. On top of that me and my wife have decided to separate after 4 years of marriage. So with everything going on right now.

It is literally drained the life out of me.

Right now everything is just now calming down and I’ve  trying to focus on bettering myself. And by doing so I’m trying to redirect my energies. So in the past couples months I have lost  myself in music that either I use to listen to and I’m rediscovering. That’s also open the door for some new bands that I never really dived fully into.  I’ve been using that and I’ve been trying to work on my health so that I stop feeling like complete and utter shit all the time. I walk miles a day and have lost some weight which is a big deal for me.

I know I have mentioned it before but I am an empath everything that’s going on the world has just added to it so like I said I’m trying to redirect my energy and ultimately guard my energies and make sure that I’m not getting completely lost in my feelings.

With all that being said I am going to start setting aside time for this blog and giving it the attention that it needs. I have some new ideas of some things I want to post here. Also some things I wanna put into the universe. I do appreciate everyone who is taking the time to read this and even though it’s been hit and miss this year. I’m really excited to try some new things and see how far I can take this. Importantly I’m excited to take this to the next level. I hope that you guys will still join me.

So while I work on perfecting things that are coming in. I just want to say how much want you guys to protect yourself protect each other and be safe.

All good vibes.


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