Sephora Mask Sticks


I’m back with another review. I bought these 2 Mask Sticks months ago cause I found them on Sale. Also, I like to keep face masks on hand.

This is a Charcoal Exfoliate Mask. Which the way these masks work is you take this stick and apply it all over your face. You can also do it just over your problem areas which I have done as well. This one has a slight sand texture to it so you can use it as a scrub, but it’s not too harsh.

This is the Watermelon Nourishing Mask. This one smells like Watermelon which I really appreciate. This is one I use when my face feels a little dried out and it helps a lot.

I really dig both of these masks. They only take 5 minutes which is a huge perk if you are a garbage person like me who forgets to do a face mask on the regular. These are currently out of stock but if you find them I suggest grabbing them since they are only $4. I have included a link below since you can put in an in-stock alert.

Sephora Mask Sticks.

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