Collapsible Straws and Bottle


On my quest to be more eco friendly I decided to invest in these Straws and this bottle so that I can carry them around.

Let’s talk about this Collapsible bottle first.

This is the box, which from it you can see some details. This is a Silicon Bottle that you can fold up. This makes it easy to carry in your bag when it’s empty. There is also instruction on how to fold it up on the side.

On the Left, we have the bottle all rolled up. The plastic band is so that you can wrap it up when you roll it up. On the Right, we have it fully unrolled. I really like this to take on walks with me. Cause it’s lightweight, easy to open, and stays closed. I have a clip-on it so I can clip it to my purse or to my dog’s lease when I’m walking them. I bought this to have for when I got to music Festivals or on Walks. I have used it about every day since I got it and have washed it a couple of times. I just use a normal bottle brush which makes it easy to clean, since it’s silicone. I really like it and would buy another one if I needed it, maybe one to keep in my car.

This one is 20oz and comes in 6 different colors. It’s currently $12.99.

Buy Collapsible Water Bottle.

Now let’s talk about these straws. They come in a set of 3. Also with replacement rubber mouthpieces and clips so that you can clip them on things. I have the pink one clipped on my purse.

Each of these 2-inch capsules contains the items you see above. You get the collapsible straw which as you can see closes up in 3 parts and has the silicone tip at the top. There is also a collapsible brush that fits in each straw so that you can clean them on the go. I have used these several times. They are handy if I need a straw when I’m out especially if I get take out. I have tried to stop getting plastic straws or using them at all. If you want to help save the turtles I suggest grabbing a set of these just to have.

These come in 8 different color combos and are $8.99 for a set of 3.

Buy Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw Set.

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