Sephora favorites Holy Grail Greats


I managed to grab one of these earlier this months. It’s actually from July but it’s still up on the site so I decided to review it.

This comes in a bag and included 15% off the item if you like it enough to buy it.

Smashbox Vitamin Glow Primer. I’m a big fan of Smashbox so I was excited to try this primer. This is a light gel primer that smells incredible, like fruity. The primer goes on with ease and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. It also gives me a slight glow which makes the name of it legit. This one didn’t rebel with my foundation, my powder, or anything. I really like this one I would buy it again.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen. I’ve tried this one before in a play box. I don’t really use sunscreen that much but I do like to have it on hand. This one is super creamy goes on almost like velvet. I really like this formula and I would buy this one again.

Valentino Born in Roma. This is a fragrance that I have not come across before. This one is very floral and warm. Definitely gives off happy vibes. I would consider buying this one again just because I like the overall feeling of it it’s not too overpowering and smells amazing.

Moroccanoil Treatment. I feel like I’ve tried this before but I can’t remember. This is an oil that you put in to wet hair after you get out of the shower. I use it after I towel dry my hair a little and then take just a pea-size amount between my hands and warm it up. And then I’ll massage it into my hair and let it air dry. This stuff is incredible it leaves my hair feeling soft and it’s less likely to get tangled and it smells amazing. I would definitely buy this one again

Farmacy Daily Greens Moisturizer. I really like this brand and I always appreciate a good moisturizer so I was excited. This is a light cream that you don’t have to use a lot to get your entire face coated. I have used this one before bed and in the morning and it doesn’t leave me feeling overly greasy. It does leave me feeling hydrated and gives me a slight glow which I really dig. Also, it smells amazing. I would buy this one again.

Tarte Light, Camera, Lashes Mascara. I love this brand and I’m a big fan of the mascaras. I have tried this one before and loved it. This one is amazing it’s got the spoolie that makes it easy to apply with little clumping. And you can put on multiple coats without clumping. And it does make your lashes longer. I really dig this one and would buy it again.

I really like this little holy grail sample bag. It’s got some really good products on it and somethings I had tried before and from good quality brands that I like. I will have to keep an eye out for more bags like this.

This set was $10 and looks likes it’s still avaliable online.

Buy Holy Grail Greats from Sephora.

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