Things I’ve watched on HBO

Hello Friends.

So I’m not gonna lie I subscribe to HBO just so I could watch I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. I’m a true-crime junkie so this was a big one that I had to watch it and I wanted to wait until all six episodes were out.

A couple of months ago I did the book review of this book that was written by the incredible Michelle McNamara. If you haven’t read it’s like 15 bucks on Amazon, so go get it and read it. This is a six-episode of the series that goes into the details of the book but it’s really about Michelle’s journey of writing the book and her own investigation into the Golden State Killer. I really like that you get to see behind the scene of it. They do pop up text messages from Michelle and various people on the screen like it’s happening live,  you also get to your voicemail and recordings she made. Then finally journal entries the Home Movies. Oh, my personal favorite reenactments, the one of the mother load is my favorite. Besides Michelle’s life, you also get to hear from some of the victims and GSK’s Family. If you watch it go ahead and clear the day or at least 7 or 8 hours to watch it all. Once you start watching it you are going to get lost in it.  I actually just re-watched it for the second time I was so into it. So Go get a free trial of HBO or a month if you want to go watch now. The first episode you can watch for free right now if you won’t give it a  chance before subscribing.

After I finished the previous one I decided to watch Perry Mason since I heard Georgia on My Favorite Murder talk about how good it was. This is an updated version of the TV show Perry Mason that covers the murder of a child and then it gets into some religious craziness.  It’s a lot but it’s actually really good and easy to get lost in. You will find yourself strangely into Mason or maybe that was just me. This is another one that you should just clear the day for and since all episodes are out now. And it got renewed for a second season which means more of this.


So I’m the loser who still hadn’t gotten around to seeing this. I did watch this and it is excellent every aspect of it. I was worried about it because Heath Ledger’s Joker will always be my favorite over any. But Joaquin Phoenix is absolutely incredible. Honestly it’s crazy to think that you can relate to a character who is basically a psychopath. But this one is wonderful I am 1000% understand why he got the Oscar if you’ve not seen it go watch it.

I watch this one simply because it has Emilia Clarke in it. This movie is adorable, funny, and it’s just cute. It’s really a crazy journey and honestly, I didn’t even figure it out to the end what the hell was going on. It really heartwarming cheesy Christmas movie and I really enjoyed it.  I may watch it again.

I turned this one on because I just have a strong appreciation of Zendaya. Let me tell you this show does not disappoint. It is all over the place and is complete chaos. I loved every single second of it. If you really just wanna watch something that makes the chaos in. your mind feel better this is it. Seriously this is where my mindset is sometimes. Go watch this one. I’m probably gonna watch it again and I hope there’s more of it. 

OK honestly I’ve seen this movie have a jillion times at this point in my life. I feel like I always used to watch it on the weekends when I was in middle school or high school. Honestly I’m just in a strange place right now so I decided to turn this on because yeah it helps me sort my brain out. Honestly if you’ve not seen fight club at this point in your life do yourself a favor go watch it. Just do it it’s a good time. Also remember the first rule.

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