Sept 2020 Ipsy Bag


Here is my Ipsy glam bag review.

This month’s Theme is Good Vibes, which I’m all about.

They finally brought back the list of item, which I missed.

This is this month’s bag which is some cordory yellow and red bag. I actually don’t really care for this It’s weird.

It Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ in Fair. I have gotten several things from this brand and it’s been hit and miss. This is a cc cream that has also always been a hit and misses with any brand. I use this one as a foundation and applied it with a brush. I actually had pretty good coverage. I did add a little concealer on top of it and it didn’t rebel with my concealer or powder. I really liked this one and may buy it again just in a different shade since this one’s a little too dark for me.

A Tube of this is $39.50 and only comes in 12 shades, mostly lighter skin tones. That’s the only downside to the product.

Buy It Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ in Fair.

Tarte Big Ego Mascara in Black. I love this brand and I’m pretty sure I have tried this mascara before. Tarte’s mascaras are some of my favorites. They always give me the length and don’t clump. This one’s great I was able to put on multiple coats of it without any clumping without it looking awful and it made my lashes long. I would buy this one again.

This one is $23.

Buy Tarte Big Ego Mascara.

Evio Beauty Rejuvenating Mask. This is a brand I’ve not heard before but I always appreciate a mask. This one is a light gel mask. I applied it with my usual brush and left it on for 15 minutes. It is a little tingly since it has that kind of minty feel to it. I washed it off and it did leave my skin feeling clean and gave me a little glow, it really was rejuvenated. I did like this one and would. consider buying it again.

A 1.4oz Full-size tube of this is $22.

Buy Evio Beauty Rejuvenating Mask.

Sunday Nail Polish in No. 18. I always appreciate a good polish and I feel like I’ve tried this brand before but I can’t remember. This is a dark maroon that I was able to get complete coverage in three coats. I can do it in two and it does kinda leave a cool pattern. Also, this one lasts a pretty long while. I did have some chipping but It was cause I did dishes and wash my hair. I do like this one and I’ll have to consider checking out some more polishes and see what else they have.

A bottle of this polish is $18. It comes in. 48 colors.

Buy Sunday Nail Polish.

Pixi by Petra Silky Eye Pen in Black Caviar.So I almost panicked thinking I got the same exact eyeliner that I got last month because I also got one from the same brand. This one is just a shade darker. This one is exactly like the one from last month it goes on creamy and is very easy to use and manipulate. I do really dig it and I would buy one of these again. I do have two of them right now so it may be a while though.

These come in. 23 shades and are $12 apiece.

Buy Pixi by Petra Silky Eye Pen.

I really like this bag. There wasn’t. anything that I just disliked. Seriously doing the reviews and the little surveys at the end of every month after you get the bag really does pay off so I highly suggest doing those.

Who else gets an Ispy bag? If so what did you get? And as always if you don’t get a bag of like to get one there about $12 a month and I’ll include a link below.

Sign up for Ipsy.

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