KVD Smoke & Mirrors Set

Hello! Here is another one from my drafts.

This is the KVD Smoke & Mirror mini Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Set. That I got on sale forever ago. Well, actually it was earlier this year, which seems like forever ago.

The box is simple shows the lipsticks on the front. The back has all the details as do most lipstick sets with this brand.


 Here we have it just the little minis liquid lipsticks. Since the theme is smoke and mirrors, of course, they went with shades that gave off that smoky and glass kind of feel. thumbnail_IMG_7658

This shade is Dagger which is a bluish-gray matte.


This one is Woolf which is a dark grayish with hints of blue matte. 

I actually really dig these and they work really well on my pale skin believe it or not. I was worried that Dagger at least would be way to light for me. I am happy with them both and I dig them. These just like all the Everlasting liquid lipstick stay on forever. The only issue I ever have is that over time it wears off in the center of my mouth. 

This set is still on sale for $10 on Sephora. 

Buy KVD Beauty Smoke & Mirror Lip Set.

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