Fenty Beauty Snap Shadow

Hello and welcome to some more of cleaning out my drafts.

This is one of the Fenty Beauty Snap Shadow Eyeshadow Palettes that came out earlier this year. They are designed to snap together to create a bigger palette. 


The box is a simple black matte as with most Fenty products. It has the 8 on it since it’s the 8th palette in the series.


The pallet itself is white with the gold eight on it and on the back, you get a list of the colors that are in the palette.


 Each of these palettes has six shades in it and also a mirror which I always appreciate.


Now let’s take about these shade. Remember I’m super pale so they may read differently on me than they would you.

Muva’s Boy- is a light periwinkle blue shimmer with hints of silver glitter.

Mula-La- is a super bright green reminds me of the color of money and it’s got some yellow undertone to it.

Lei’d Up– bright brilliant gold shimmer with gold glitter in it

Ice Cream Kisses- baby pink shimmer with silver glitter.

Lady Pimp- lavender shimmer

Durty Denim– intense minty green shimmer

These shades are super creamy so they go on with ease. They are super buildable and blend-able. I have pretty good wear out of them depending on what I was doing. I really do like this set and I may invest in another one.

There are 9 different ones of these and they go for $25 each.

Buy Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows.

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