Salor Moon X Colour Pop Palette


I was able to grab this palette a while back when it came back in as a restock. This is the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Palette.

Here is the packaging, which is simple with Sailor Moon on it with the Holographic crescent moons in the background.

Here is the actual Palette. The cover you can move to make her face change which I think is adorable.

Here is the inside of the palette. They keep the crescent moons on the inside of the lid but there isn’t a mirror which is honestly the only downside to the palette.

Here is an up-close of the shades of the palette. Each shade has a holographic circle around the actual pan.

Next, let’s talk about the swatches of these colors. Remember I’m super pale so these shades will read differently on me than on others.

Shining Moon- Beige Matte with Glitter. Also the same color as my skin.

Twilight Flash– Peach Matte with hints of glitter.

Silver Crystal– Light Pink Shimmer with Rainbow glitter.

Moon Castle-Dusty pink matte

Full Moon– Gold Shimmer

Silver Millennium- Creamy White Shimmer with Rainbow Glitter, Almost the same shade of Silver Crystal.

Mare Serenitatis- Rose Gold with Copper Glitter.

Luna- Lavender shimmer with Pink Glitter.

Justice– Banana Yellow Matte with Silver Glitter.

Tuxedo RoseNeon Pink matte with Silver Glitter.

Love– Reddish Pink with Silver glitter.

Miracle Romance- Pinkish Purple Matte

I really love this palette. The shades are all perfect for Sailor Moon and appropriately named. They are a creamy formula that is buildable and blendable. I have been able to use it with other palettes as well without any issues. I did create a couple of looks with this one and included 2 below.

This palette and most of the collections are currently back in stock and on sale.

This one is $15.

Buy the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Palette.

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