Sailor Moon Ultra Blotted Lip


I wanted to do a quick review on this one since it’s was also part of the Sailor Moon Collections.

This is the Ultra Blotted Liquid Lipstick.

The box keeps the same theme with Sailor Moon on it and the Holographic crescent moons on the sides of the box.

Here is the tube. It has the holographic crescent moons on the wand handle/lid. Also, they are on the gold stripe around the top so the tub itself. I appreciate it when the collection keeps the same theme throughout all products.

Here is a Swatch on the back of my hand. This shade is Bun Head which is a medium rose pink shade. This is a lighter lipstick that when you apply one coat it reminds me of applying a gloss. I had to apply 2 layers to get full coverage. This is a creamy formula to apply. However, once it dries it does dry out my lips a little and that’s even after applying a lip balm before. I can apply lip balm on top of it and it helps. It will leave your lips feeling soft and almost kind of powdery. It does have nice long wear to it but I don’t care for it that much. Since I like my lips moisturized all the time.

They did 4 single shades for the collections including this one. They also did 2 duo sets. These are currently on sale for $6. The Duos are $11.25.

I linked the entire collection page below if you want to check it out.

Check out the Colour Pop Sailor Moon Collection.

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