Colour Pop X Hocus Pocus Palette


I always tried to review something Halloween themed for Halloween of course. This year I was able to grab this palette from Ulta. Hocus Pocus is one of my favorite movies so of course I was stoked when Colour Pop came out with this collection. This was the only thing piece of it that I was able to get.

So here is the Hocus Pocus Gather Round Sister’s Palette.

Here we have the package of the box which has the silhouettes of the sisters. The background has written out spells from the book and the black flame candle in the bottom left. The back of it has the same theme and the shade names in caldrons.

The front of the palette has just the caldron but the same background as the packaging. I really appreciate the details put into it.

Here is the back of the palette which makes the back of the packaging with the cauldron and the shade names. I included this one instead of the packaging cause they are bigger.

The inside of the palette has this cartoon portrait of the sisters. It so cute it makes up for there not being a mirror.

Here are the shades which of course are so appropriately named.

Let’s break down the shades. Remember they look differently on my pale ghost-like skin than they may yours.

Full Moon– Matte White with silver glitter

Hello, Salem– Tan Matte

Brew Potion- Bronzey Gold Glitter shimmer

On Toast- Brown matte

Coven- Brownish Red Purple with Silver glitter.

Come Little Children- Brownish Purple with Silver glitter.

Tis’ Firm- Pinkish Red Shimmer

Thackery Binx- Bright Purple Shimmer

Yabbos- Oliver green shimmer

I Call it a Bus- Black shimmer with rainbow glitter

Wench-Silver Shimmer

Night of Frolic- Deep Maroon matte

Dead Man’s Toe- Purplish Maroon Matte

Bewitched- Dark Greyish green matte

Goodbye Cruel World- Deep grayish Purple shimmer

I really like this palette. The theme and overall appearance is wonderful. The shades are blendable and buildable with not too much fallout. The only issue I really had with the palette is there are some shades that are literally almost the same such as Coven and Come Little Children as only a slight shade difference. The same goes for Night of Folic and Dead Man’s Toe. I feel like they could have changed it up a little bit, but the shades do work for the theme of it and the movie.

I was able to create so pretty lovely looks with this. They were all a little on the dark side which I dig. Also, I had no issues mixing this palette with another one. Overall I dig it and would suggest it to others especially if you are a fan of the movie.

The whole collection is out of Stock at Colourpop and Ulta right now. Colour Pop is known to do restock for some collabs so it possible it could come back into stock soon.

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