Things I’ve watched in October


Here are some things I have watched recently that isn’t me binging Criminal Minds.

I almost didn’t want this one cause I’m not a very religious person and the things this girl goes through in this movie are why. This is about a Christian School girl who has desires and the struggles of figuring it all out. I completely understand this girl. It’s hard growing up normal even more when you have religion shoved down your throat. I think that maybe why I’m so non-religious these days. That just has American culture works when kids should be able to figure it out for themselves. This movie is a good explanation of that and it’s not a bad time. It is a little on the cringy side. This one is on Netflix.

I will watch anything with Adam Sandler in it. I really enjoyed this one. I think it’s cute and has a good meaning behind it. Also, I appreciate then the fact he put so many references to his other movies in this one. Oh, and I really need his thermos cause it’s amazing. Go watch this one on Netflix.

This show is insane and crazy. After the first episode, I found myself screaming at the TV. Actually, I found myself doing that a lot. I love everything about it from the character to the set design and the wardrobe is perfections. This show is incredible and a must-watch. The 1st season just ended so go binge it all on HBO.

This is a Documentary that I have had on my list for a while. It’s about a man who is on the journey to bring justice to his murdered friend. The whole thing is intense and by the end of it, I was in tears. Fair warning It’s a tough watch.

I will literally watch anything Ryan Murphy is behind or has Sarah Paulson in it. This one is about Nurse Ratched who is based on the character from One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. This show is so damn good. I binged it over about 2 days and honestly, I want more and hope there is a season 2. This one is on Netflix if you haven’t watched it yet.

This is the Documentary Series based on the NXIVM cult and my god is insane. Some of these things they did to these people to prove loyalty blows my mind. Sex trafficking and things that are done to these women. It also makes me slightly nauseous that this one man manipulated people in such a way. The whole 1st season is out on HBO which takes you up to September of this year. It has also been renewed for a Season 2 that will be out next year.

I turned this one cause I keep seeing posts about it. This one is about an American girl who gets her dream job in Paris. It will take you through all her mishaps and such. It’s by the creator who did Sex in the City but it’s a little more pg. I really liked it and hope the. make a 2nd season.

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