Revolution X Nightmare Before Christmas -Jack Palette


I’m back with the next piece of the Nightmare Before Christmas collection from Revolution Beauty. Besides the highlighter which I reviewed on Monday, I did get both palettes.

Let’s start with the Jack Palette.

The Packaging of this collection is simple with the striped background then the portrait of Jack coming out of the frame and the Film name in the bottom left corner. The actual palette itself matches the package and the back just has the name of the palette along with a table of the shades numbered.

Here is the inside of the palette, the left side is more natural tones whereas the right side is full of bright ones. The spine of the palette read Moonlight, Mischief & Madness. It actually sums up the palette perfectly. Let’s take a closer look at this palette now one side at a time.

Here is the left side of the palette. As you can see some of the shades have Jack’s face imprinted on them. This side has mostly neutral tones with a couple of bright colors such as Sandy Claws and Toy duck.

Here are the swatches for this side. Remember I’m super pale so these shades may read differently on me than you.

Ghoulish-Brown Maroon Matte.

Halloweentown- Oliver green shimmer

What’s This?- Silver Shimmer

Eureka!– Rose Silver Shimmer

Mayor- Light Tan Matte, only a shade darker than my skin tone.

Toy Duck- Literally Toy Duck colored Yellow shimmer

Bones- White Matte with a slight shimmer to it.

Love-Dusty Pink Shimmer

Sandy Claws– Christmas Red Matte

Forever– Peach Shimmer

Pumpkin Song– Burnt Orange Matte

Hinterlands- Black Matte but goes on like a Dark Grey.

Lock- Brown Shimmer

Shock– Dark Tan Shimmer

Barrel- Chocolatey Brown Matte

Moon- Pearlistic White Shimmer

Christmas Town- Light Gold Shimmer

Mummy Boy- Greyish Brown Shimmer

This side has way more bright vibrant colors. There are a couple of dark shades but they also apply to show a lot of vibrant colors as well. Also, you see Jack’s Face is again imprinted into some of the shades.

Madness- Grape Shimmer with blue glitter

Bugs-Oliver Green Shimmer with Gold tones.

Master of Fright- Midnight Blue Shimmer with light blue glitter.

Everybody Scream– Lime Green Shimmer

Oogie’s Lair– Grass Green Shimmer

Sally– Seafoam Blue Shimmer, the color of Sally’s Skin

Mischief- Bright Neon Blue Shimmer

Pumpkin King-Pumpkin Orange

Gentlemen- Greyish Purple Shimmer with Silver glitter

Graveyard– Blue steel Shimmer

Spooky-Grape Matte

Jack’s House-Midnight Blue almost Black Shimmer with Silver Glitter.

Dead of Night– Royal Blue Matte

Behemouth-Light Blue Matte

Zero- Red Matte, the color of Zero’s nose.

Love Never Dies- light Plum Matte

Undersea Gal-Seaweed Green Matte

Oogie Boogie- Lime Matte, the color of Oogie.

I really like this palette. It’s massive with so many shades to make so many looks. The mattes are a little on the chalky side while the shimmers are creamy. These are buildable and blendable with not a lot of fall out. I had no issue what so ever with any of the shades. Actually, the only issue was trying to figure out which ones I wanted to use. Below I have included 2 looks I created with this one.

This Palette is $15 and currently available on the Brands website

Buy the Jack Palette from Revolution Beauty. 

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