Revolution X Nightmare Before Christmas -Sally Palette


Here we are wrapping up this week of reviewing the Revolution Nightmare Before Christmas Collection.

Let’s Finish it out with the Sally Palette.

Here is the packaging of the Sally palette. We have Sally also coming out of a frame on the striped background much like the Jack Palette. They added the little Jack head at the bottom with needles like a skull and crossbones. The palette matches the packaging and the back has the name of it and a table of shade numbers.

Here we have the full palette. There are 36 shades all together, I didn’t mention that in the last post. On the spine of you see it says Misfit Love, which is the same name as the highlighter I got. This palette works really well with it. I think all the shades together have a real romantic overall feel to it. There are a lot of reds and pinks then, some darker tones. Honestly, it sums up Sally perfectly. Let’s break these shades one side at a time.

The left side has a bunch of Red and Orange tones. They keep Jack’s face imprinted in the shades. Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded if it was Sally instead but I get why they did it.

Ghost- Silver Creamy Shimmer

Chills- Pale Lavender Shimmer with silver glitter it.

Pumpkin Patch- Orange Bronze Shimmer

Jack- Black Matte with Silver Glitter

Spiral Hill- Golden Olive Shimmer

Enchanting– Coral Shimmer

Love is Eternal-Rose Pink Matte with a little shimmer to it.

Boogeyman- Dull Gold Shimmer

Better Together- Dark Maroon Shimmer.

Moonlight- Baby Pink shimmer with Purple glitter in it. Honestly reminds me of a pink moonlight

Take a Chance- Bronze Brown Shimmer with fine Gold glitter in it.

Roll the Dice-Flamingo Pink shimmer

Trick or Treat– Dark Coral Matte with Silver glitter in it

Jack-O-Lantern– Bright Orange Shimmer, like the glow coming from a Jack-O-Lantern

Romantic- Red Shimmer with pink and gold tones. I really like they named a shade this.

Vampire Teddy- Red Orange Matte

Frightful- Reddish Brown Matte

Mad Scientist-Brown Matte

This side of the palette has a little more color to it. So it seems brighter than the other side.

Aglow- Light Pink Shimmer that goes on white.

Scare- purple-brown shimmer

This is Halloween- Grey Rose Gold Shimmer

Misfit Love- Mauve Matte

Scream Queen- Deep Mauve Shimmer

Worm’s Wort-Rose Gold Shimmer

Play Dead- Pinkish Tan Matte

Feelings- Pink shimmer with silver glitter. This color sums up Feelings

Thistle-Amethyst with purple and blue tones

Soup-Pistachio Shimmer with gold glitter tones

Frog’s Breath-Forest Green Shimmer

Shadow on the Moon- Pale Gold Matte with Gold Glitter.

Jewel-Beige Shimmer

Scream-Mustard Gold Shimmer

Scrumptious-Dusty Pink Shimmer

Darkness– Dark Chocolate Shimmer

Deadly Nightshade- Orchid Purple Shimmer with Silver Glitter

Dr. Finklestein- Grey Matte

I feel like there were a lot more shimmers to this one than there was in the Jack Palette. I think I like this one a little bit more cause of that. Just as the other palette these shades are blendable and. buildable. I didn’t have a whole lot of fall out but I tap my brush a little to get off the excess. I was able to make some pretty good looks with this one which I have included 2 below.

This Palette is still available on the brand’s site. Actually, all of the collection is I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I decided to snag it. If you want to grab this one, It’s $15 and there is a link below.

Buy the Sally Palette from Revolution Makeup.

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