Hiya Friends,

Here we are at the end of November. The end of the shit show of a year is so close. I hope everyone had a safe and social distanced Holiday.

Let’s jump into reviewing this month’s Ipsy Bag.

This month’s theme is to Be Present, meaning to take a moment and just be. Which I did cause we get so busy especially during the holiday season we just forget to be.

The bag looks like November for some reason. I think it’s the color and the pleather material. It’s cute but not my. favorite bag.

Here is the list of the items you get in your bag with tips on how to use them.

Context Skin Natural Lacquer In The Morning After. I love getting polish in these bags. I don’t think that this is a brand that I have tried yet. This is a super dark blue which almost works as a black. I can get full coverage with this in 2 coats sometimes 3 depending on how thick I apply it. I was able to use it with other brands as a base and it worked really well. I like this polish but I did get a lot of chipping after a day of wearing it. Also, it may because I do a lot with my hands. I am going to keep using it cause I like the color but I don’t know if I would buy it again.

Their polish comes in 20 shades of this for $15 a bottle.

Buy Context Polish

Milani Cosmetics Rose Powder Blush. I really like this brand and haven’t had any issues with anything I’ve gotten from them. I really love the Rose carved into the blush. This one is a super light dusty rose color which is almost unnoticeable, but it’s buildable so it works well for me. I rather like this one cause it is light and sometimes blush can be too much on me. I would buy one of these again.

This Blush comes in 6 shades for $8.99 apiece.

Buy Milani Rose Powder Blush.

Kokie Cosmetics Soft Glow Highlighter in Heavenly. I have tried a couple of things from this brand and didn’t have any problems. I also appreciate highlighters. This one is an intense white gold shade. I’m serious that this one packs a massive punch of shine. I’ve been able to use a little of it but then also layer It without any conflict. I really like this one and would buy it again.

This one comes in 4 shades for $6 apiece.

Buy Kokie’s Soft Glow Highlighter.

Vasanti Cosmetics Angeled Concealer Detailer Brush. I love getting brushes in these bags cause I always have a hard time buying them normally. This way I can test a brush before I invested in more from the brand. I feel like I have tried something from this brand before I just don’t know what. This is a Detailer which is always good to have around. I actually didn’t use it for Concealer since I prefer to apply it with a beauty blender. I have been able to use this to blend in my eyeshadow and add a highlight to my brow bone. The brush is super soft and holds the product really well. I really like it and will have to look into the brand more.

This one is usually $19 but is currently on sale for $10.

Buy Angeled Concealer Brush from Vansanti.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer. I really like this brand and I’ve never tried anything bad from them. This one is a Moisturizer which I always like to keep around. This one says you can apply it any time though out the day or when needed. I used a Pea size amount to cover my face after my shower last night then another one before bed. It didn’t leave my skin feel gross or greasy, I also used it this morning and it worked just as well. I really like this one since it’s. simple.

A 1.7 oz bottle of this is $26.

Buy FAB Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer.

I really enjoyed this bag. I didn’t get anything I just didn’t like which happens. Anyone else get one? What did you get?

If you don’t get it then it’s $12 a month, Link below if you want to sign up.

Sign up for Ipsy!

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