WWE Slam Crate Elimination Chamber


This was the February crate and I just got it last week. There have been some massive delays with Loot Crate as a whole.

This crate’s theme was Elimination Chamber since that was PPV happening around that time.

Finn Balor Metal Book Mark. I really dig the idea of this but it’s kinda awful since it’s a little heavy. It keeps falling out of the book I put it in. So I’m kind of bummed out by it cause I love Finn and reading

Kane Drawstring bag. I always like a random bag to toss stuff in and go. I don’t really get why they picked Kane, but ok sure.

Elimination Chamber Glasses. I always appreciate things you can drink out of. These are little whiskey glasses. I like them and I will use them. The design could have been better. I would have liked to see a little chamber on one of them.

Bray Wyatt Shirt. I actually dig this shirt. I like the black and pink, also The Fiend and Muscle Man Bray Wyatt on it.

This Crate was ok. They stopped being worth it when they got repetitive with who they featured in them after a while so I actually canceled this last year. I just didn’t feel like it’s worth paying $35 every 2 months especially for 4 lackluster items.

If you want to try it I have included a link below. Honestly, I recommend trying Pro Wrestling Crate it’s a better price for more items.

Sign up for Slam Crate.

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