The Mystery of D.B. Cooper while doing my Makeup.


So the moment I saw this one being advertised on HBO with a trailer I was excited about it. I have been obsessed with D.B. Cooper since I first heard about it. Which I believe was Unsolved Mysteries. This is one topic that I google every so often to jump down a Rabbit hole. I also wrote a paper on it in college.

This documentary starts with the background of the hijacking and the case as a whole. They even have the flight attendant that sat with him, a few of the passengers, and the pilot in it discussing that night. Then it goes into covering 4 suspects.

  1. Duane Weber- made a deathbed confession to his wife that he was Dan Cooper. They did find some evidence such as fake ids and plane ticket stubs from that time. She also remembers an account of his tossing a bag in the river and 4 months later in 1980 the Cooper money was found in a river bad near there.
  2. Barbara Dayton- She confided in the Formans that she was D.B. Cooper. She was born Bobby Dayton and had gender reassignment surgery in 1969 to become Barbara. She has knowledge of flying and parachuting, and familiarity with the jump area. Also, it’s the best cover to be a woman dressed as a man to do this.
  3. Lynn Doyle “LD” CooperHis niece Haley had a member of her uncle being injury on thanksgiving of that year and then he disappeared. When she asked her father he told her that he had to disappear cause of the hijacking. After it happens his mother was contacted by the FBI about it, which also raised red flags and he had knowledge of the area. Also, her father was in on it so he had help.
  4. Richard Floyd McCoy- did the copy cat hijacking of a plane in the same way as Cooper a year later. He also fits the description.

I have watched this one 3 times. The second go-around I watched it while doing my makeup and just started talking about it. So I have posted that video on my youtube channel and I have linked it below. I really enjoyed this one since these are suspects that I haven’t really heard of with the expectation of McCoy since he has always been a big one. Honestly, I will watch anything about D.B.Cooper and this one was very well done. I don’t cover everything in the video cause I had finished my makeup. You should definitely go check this one out on HBO.

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