Fearless & Fabulous


I got another book review. I was listening to these on audiobook and then canceled my monthly subscription to the service. I decided to read this one again, cause I want to give them the full review they deserved. I like all her books cause they really motivate you and help you change your mindset.

This one is really just a list of 10 Powerful Strategies for Getting Anything you Want in Life. So each chapter has a mantra to use for that strategy. The way she sets this book up is that you hear about her personal experience with the topic, then you get an essay from another badass woman. Then she asks you a question at the end of each chapter so that you can answer them or journal.. This is my third go-around reading this book so I decide to go ahead actually do this one. I bought a notebook from Dollar Tree so that I can fully answer everything in the book.

Just so you can kind of get a sense of what kind of questions there are. Here are 2 of the questions that Cara asks at the beginning of the book.

  1. Write down all the Whys that get us excited in detail.
  2. What are you holding back doing because you’re worried about someone else’s option?

Since I got this book I’ve read through it 3 times. This was the first time that I’ve read the book and actually did the exercises. Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t do them, to begin with. I want to chalk it up to not having time but really I’m just lazy. The second go-around was the audiobook so that’s why I didn’t that one. Even though she does tell you to pause and do them. It really helped me work out some things. Actually every time I read Cara’s book or listen to her podcast I do. I need to get back to listening to her podcast I’m super behind. If you are in a slump or just feel like you are missing things check out Cara’s Website which has all the info on her books, pod, Instagram, and everything. I will link it below.

I really enjoyed this book as I have the previous ones that I’ve reviewed I’m going to continue on until I have reviewed them all because they deserve it.

Cara’s Website.

Buy Fearless & Fabulous on Amazon. The book is currently $12.99 new but you can also get it used.

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