Witch-Hunt Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials Review

Oh Hello there,

I have another book review. I feel like it took me forever to read this book that I bought last year. I kept starting it then getting distracted and restarting it.

I bought this book cause I wanted to know more about the Salem Witch Trials. I’ve read things here and there for years but never a book about it. I did research this one and it had a good review so I got it off eBay for like $5. Sometimes I go through moods where I order a bunch of books off eBay or Thriftbooks that have a theme. This was part of the Witch rabbit hole I went down. I still have a couple of other ones I need to start. I’m gonna try to. read more books this year. I’m determined.

This book came out on August 1, 2005, which I didn’t realize until he made a reference to 9/11. In reading this book you will get the stories of the main characters and focus of the Salem’ Witch Trials. However, one thing I did appreciate about this is all the references the author gives you at the end of the book so that you can do additional research yourself. I am seriously I’m impressed with all the references he used for this book and how it lists them out at the end.

This book starts out before the trials to give you some background information then slowly starts to get into the events. I’m not going to lie this book made me mad. I wasn’t mad at the author he does a fantastic job of putting this very well research book together. The fact that the Witch Trails happened and the things that the accusers got away with just upset me. There is one part where he tells you about several accusers who would throw fits during court saying that the accused witches were harming them. So that the court would be even more on their side. They even had an account of one bringing in a broken knife claiming a witch had used it on her. Only for another person in the town to say they had broken it and tossed it in the trash. It will make you feel things reading this book and the accounts of what was said in court. I wanted to cry read accounts of the accused witches saying that their family was tortured to get them to confess to being a witch or how they would threaten to take their land and property leaving their families homeless. I wasn’t aware of this stuff happening and damn it’s awful. At the end of the book, you get a timeline of all the trials and witches who are executed. As I said the book doesn’t cover all of them but it does cover the main ones.

This book is written for young adults. Honestly, I didn’t even realize that until mine. a friend who also wanted to read the book was told. Regardless of that I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to read if you want to know more about the Trails.

Buy Witch-Hunt from Thriftbooks for $4.69.

Buy Witch-Hunt on Amazon for $9.99.

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