Skincare Sunday 3/21/21


I had a headache yesterday so looking at this computer made it worst. Hence why this is late. Also, I didn’t do my skincare until later in the day after I showered cause I had the headache most the day. I finally got it to go away and got in a walk. I think I was just tired yesterday was my only day off this week. It’s ok. change is coming soon and I will have more time. I will have a post about that later this week. Anyways I did basic skincare this week.

  1. Hanalei Company Aloe E Face Cleanser with my PMD Beauty Cleansing Brush.
  2. REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic applied with the ECO Round.
  3. Purlisse Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturzier.
  4. Belif Moisturzing Eye Bomb
  5. Farsali Unicorn Lip Mask

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