The Dress Doctor: Prescription for Style from A to Z


So I’m a big fan of fashion especially costume design in movies. Edith Head is one of my favorite when it comes to classic movies and she designed for several hundred of them. She was nominated for 35 Academy Awards, won eight of them. So far she is the only person to win that many in that category. That alone should tell you have incredible she was.

Now that I’ve said thought I bought this book since I’m a fan of hers thinking it was her autobiography when in reality it’s just a little book of tips that was published afterwards. This one is literally just an A to Z list of tips for what to wear to when you travel, have a dinner party, go to movie premieres, or horseback riding. There are also a couple short stories about some of the people she dressed in her time. I read this one in about an hour. Some of the context is a little outdated but It’s a cute little read if you like fashion or old Hollywood in general.

You can find it on Amazon for just $25 or Ebay for under $10.

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