Skincare Sunday 5/16/21

Hello! I actually did this one this morning as opposed to doing them on Saturday’s which is my Sunday but I was busy cleaning my house. I have been tearing apart, throwing everything I can away, and rearranging my whole house. My parents were packrats and I’ve finally decided it’s time to get rid of […]

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Sol de Janiero Brazilian Set.

Hello there, I got another set of fun skincare to review. This is another product I have gotten in a subscription bag and fell in love with. This is the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Wild Extradganza set. Which the outside of the package that I used for the post photo is so bright and colorful. […]

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Social Media Jail

Hiya, So I decided to write this out in a post on here cause it’s really just some fuckery. I have been in Facebook jail for a total of 10 days of the last 2 weeks. Why you may ask? Jill, what the hell did you do? Well, this last time I used White as […]

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Skincare Sunday 5/9/21

Hello! Happy Sunday to Everyone. Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who are mothering something. You know animal or human. Whatever. It’s a tough day for some of us who no longer have our mothers or have never given birth to a child. So be kind. I love you all. Let’s hop into the […]

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Ipsy April 2021

Hello, We are closing out this month per usual with my Ipsy review. I really panicked with this one. Because it came super late meaning I literally just got this one last Saturday. So I feel like I had to rush to test everything. I think it was late cause I got an add-on but […]

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