Skincare Sunday 5/16/21

Hello! I actually did this one this morning as opposed to doing them on Saturday’s which is my Sunday but I was busy cleaning my house. I have been tearing apart, throwing everything I can away, and rearranging my whole house. My parents were packrats and I’ve finally decided it’s time to get rid of […]

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Sol de Janiero Brazilian Set.

Hello there, I got another set of fun skincare to review. This is another product I have gotten in a subscription bag and fell in love with. This is the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Wild Extradganza set. Which the outside of the package that I used for the post photo is so bright and colorful. […]

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Social Media Jail

Hiya, So I decided to write this out in a post on here cause it’s really just some fuckery. I have been in Facebook jail for a total of 10 days of the last 2 weeks. Why you may ask? Jill, what the hell did you do? Well, this last time I used White as […]

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Skincare Sunday 5/9/21

Hello! Happy Sunday to Everyone. Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who are mothering something. You know animal or human. Whatever. It’s a tough day for some of us who no longer have our mothers or have never given birth to a child. So be kind. I love you all. Let’s hop into the […]

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Ipsy April 2021

Hello, We are closing out this month per usual with my Ipsy review. I really panicked with this one. Because it came super late meaning I literally just got this one last Saturday. So I feel like I had to rush to test everything. I think it was late cause I got an add-on but […]

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House of Leaves

Oh Hi There, This book is a fucking mess. The only reason I read it was cause it kept popping up everywhere, on my Facebook in several book club groups I’m in. Also on Instagram and Twitter. This motherfucker even haunted me in my dreams. So I took that as a sign and ordered it […]

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