Skincare Sunday 4/11/21

Hiya! I’m not even going to lie to you. I did this one yesterday since Saturday has technically become my Sunday. So I have decided to do the full Skincare then that way I can type up the post and have it ready to go on Sunday. This also helps guarantee that I will actually […]

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Rae Wellness Review

Hello, I have been on the search for new vitamins to try recently since I feel like the ones I was taking just weren’t working for me anymore. I had come across these several times and they are available at target. They were easy to access and the reviews of them weren’t too awful compare […]

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Skincare Sunday 3/28/21

Hiya! I didn’t do a big Skincare Sunday since I started my 1st day of working on Sunday. So I’m gonna try and figure it out how that’s gonna work with like my 7am start time schedule. Acne Patches: there are a bunch of random ones on Amazon, none that I have tried are bad. […]

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