Razorblade Romance

Razorblade Romance is the second studio album by HIM. This one was released on January 24th, 2000. They tried to record with Hilli, who produced the 1st album but it didn’t work out so he brought John Fryer to do. This album upped their game with the mental aspect. I believe this was the beginning of […]

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Greatest Love Song Vol. 666

This was the debut album that came out on November 3rd of 1997. The album was recorded in fifteen days during the summer before it’s release. The dude that produce it is Hilli Hiilesmaa, who has been credited as the 6th member. Which I always thought was weird since there are  5 members  2  which […]

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The Beginning of the End

I’m in mourning. Well, I kind of has been for a while now. My favorite band on the planet is breaking up. They announced is way back at the beginning of this year in  March. It’s just hitting me since coming up on the 7th I will have the chance to see them in concert for […]

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