October Play! by Sephora

Hi, I know I’m late but I was busy. So here we are at the end of the month with the review of my Sephora play box. I am going to change it up this month and not post product information after the product review cause I don’t feel like it. Here we go. This […]

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Jan Sephora Play

Hey! It’s Thursday and I’m posting super weird I know!  I  realized that  Friday was actually February and didn’t want to post a  January Subscription then. I screwed this up somehow but not really so here we go to finish up January! I got my Sephora box last week and jumped right into testing and […]

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August’s Play by Sephora!

This month was Make-up Geek so they went with a scientific theme. I actually really dig this one. The booklet that comes with it has a  beauty periodic table, you can see part of it above. I think I’m actually gonna try and find a  frame for mine and hang it up in my office. […]

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silisponge review

I  order a Silisponge from Molly Cosmetics they were on their   9th  round of orders when I  order it was in super high demand.  This was went they first came out.     It is a simple package which is nice and to the point. The  Silisponge basically looks like a tiny breast implant and […]

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