Pretty Revenge Book Review

Hello, Here is another book review. This one actually took me forever to listen to cause I have just been busy with work. I kept forgetting about it or have just not been mentally prepared to actually listen to it. This book was published on July 2, 2019, by Emily Liebert. I decided to listen […]

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Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk

Hello, So I have been a garbage person recently and negligent this blog to do art or just lay in bed. I have been working late so I feel like that’s all I do. My head isn’t in the game. I feel a little all over the place this week. I thought it was a […]

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Undead Girl Gang Review.

Hi, My goal this year is to read more. Even if that means listening to an audio book. I came across this one and it just looked interesting. I mean who wouldn’t be intrigued by the undead?!?! It just seemed like a good time. So this book is about a High School girl whose best […]

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Baby Teeth Book Review

Hiya, I’m on a roll with books these days. I’m obsessed with a good book and really just getting lost in them. This was one that was recommended in my book club. The cover is what attracted me to it. I don’t know what it is about that crush sucker that just got my attention. […]

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I’ll Be Gone in The Dark

Hello, I’m trying to listen to more Audiobooks since I have the Scrib app and this was on there. Since I’m a huge True Crime Junkie and listen to several podcasts dedicated to such. I had this book on my list to read. I have yet to buy the book but when I saw this […]

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The Champagne Diet

Hello, While I’m on my kick of cleaning out my draft folder and reviewing books I read a while back and just haven’t had the mindset to review. This is the second of Cara’s book that I  decided to reread well listen to via audiobooks. Which maybe my new favorite thing. I can listen while […]

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Sparkle by Cara Alwill Leyba

Hiya, Here is another one that I just haven’t reviewed. Honestly, I’ve been depressed the past few months so  I have been trying to get myself together and I’ve not been reading as much as I use too. Therefore I haven’t done a  book review since I honestly don’t know when. I read this book […]

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Hi! So I am trying to read more books this year. I have always loved reading it helps quiet my mind. However recently I have been in this weird like a rut to where I spend more time on my damn phone than I do with my head in a book. I have a problem […]

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