House of Leaves

Oh Hi There, This book is a fucking mess. The only reason I read it was cause it kept popping up everywhere, on my Facebook in several book club groups I’m in. Also on Instagram and Twitter. This motherfucker even haunted me in my dreams. So I took that as a sign and ordered it […]

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Fearless & Fabulous

Hi, I got another book review. I was listening to these on audiobook and then canceled my monthly subscription to the service. I decided to read this one again, cause I want to give them the full review they deserved. I like all her books cause they really motivate you and help you change your […]

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Pretty Revenge Book Review

Hello, Here is another book review. This one actually took me forever to listen to cause I have just been busy with work. I kept forgetting about it or have just not been mentally prepared to actually listen to it. This book was published on July 2, 2019, by Emily Liebert. I decided to listen […]

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Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk

Hello, So I have been a garbage person recently and negligent this blog to do art or just lay in bed. I have been working late so I feel like that’s all I do. My head isn’t in the game. I feel a little all over the place this week. I thought it was a […]

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Undead Girl Gang Review.

Hi, My goal this year is to read more. Even if that means listening to an audio book. I came across this one and it just looked interesting. I mean who wouldn’t be intrigued by the undead?!?! It just seemed like a good time. So this book is about a High School girl whose best […]

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