November Sephora Play Box

Hi, Let’s finish up this month with the play box. This month was better than the last month. However, I’m still gonna talk about the issue I have with it. Also, this review took longer cause I had to redo the pictures since I lost the originals. Also, work as sucked up most of my […]

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August Sephora Play

Hiya, We are moving right along with the next in my subscription reviews with My Play! by Sephora. This month’s theme is Your Beauty Sidekicks, which I dig cause we all need them. The fold-out is this superhero goodness and I really love it. We still get this plastic bag this one is more of […]

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April Sephora Play!

Hiiiiiii, Carrying on with my subscription with my Play! By Sephora box. This month’s theme is winning beauty. The fold out is a bingo board which is pretty cute. I was sad that I couldn’t win with this though since I’ve not done enough of these. I need to step up my game in a […]

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February Sephora Play!

Oh, Hellooooo. Listen this week is gonna be intense, but I’m here for it. Next, I’m going to review my Sephora’ Play box which I got earlier than usual this month. We are still going with the Love themes, I mean it’s February the whole month is love things. You know Valentine’s Day and more […]

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June Play! by Sephora.

My Sephora box came at the end of last week so I luckily I had time to fully test out all the products. This month’s theme is actually pretty perfect for summer. Welcome to the Beauty Boardwalk, which is really quite clever. They decided to go with this and give you full experience with the […]

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February Ipsy Glam Bag

This months Theme is unzipped, which is quite beautiful. I really like that they included so many different people on the front of it. It’s about embracing who you are and feeling beautiful. I wanted to include a  close up of this months card before I adored what they put on it. It’s wonderful. This […]

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Play! by Sephora.

This month Play!  the box came with a  list of ways to be beautiful in  2018. The theme is here’s to a Beautiful 2018. Which is actually great on filled with good vibes. As always you get this playing card that has 50 points on it. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it.  I never […]

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December Play! by Sephora

This is the finally Play!  bag of the year and the theme chosen is so appropriate. I was immediately taken back by the bag when I opened it. This bag is so perfect. It’s a silky drawstring one with this 20’s feel too it. Plus I just the Glam Straight. I always enjoy getting eyeliner in […]

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Clinique Chubby Stick

I have a soft spot for  Clinique’s Chubby Sticks. It was my 1st ever fancy makeup brand lipstick I ever used. I got one back in college from a makeup counter at Belk’s. It was  Berry Cherry and I used it to death.  I got this one as a gift in Ulta on my last […]

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