I am Divine

This weeks product is a movie, which is the 1st time I’m doing one.  I knew I had to end out the week with something great especially since I made it Divine week. I Am Divine is a documentary that was produced and directed by Jeffrey Schwarz. The focus of it is Divine himself. It starts from when […]

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di·vine1 adjective adjective: divine; comparative adjective: diviner; superlative adjective: divinest of, from, or like God or a god. “heroes with divine powers” devoted to God; sacred. “divine liturgy” informaldated excellent; delightful. “that succulent clementine tasted divine” noun noun: divine; plural noun: divines; noun: Divine; noun: the Divine dated a cleric or theologian. 2. providence or God.   I usually do a book […]

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KVDxDivine Palette

Here is my 2nd part of the limited edition Divine collection from Kat Von D Beauty. This one is an eyeshadow palette that is simple perfection. The packaging is Divine’s iconic eyes which is exactly what needs to be on this eyeshadow palette. I’m really glad that is the route they took for both pieces […]

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