Skincare Sunday 4/11/21

Hiya! I’m not even going to lie to you. I did this one yesterday since Saturday has technically become my Sunday. So I have decided to do the full Skincare then that way I can type up the post and have it ready to go on Sunday. This also helps guarantee that I will actually […]

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EOS Shaving Cream

  I have been using this one and off for a couple months now and haven’t reviewed it. It’s no secret I’m obsessed with EOS and I’m a big fan of the brand to the point I will try anything they put out. This is EOS Shave Cream and Moisturizer which is this thick non-foaming scented […]

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EOS Active.

I know I talk a lot about EOS. I’m obsessed. They are my go-to lip balm so I have to try them all. This one I bought cause I hadn’t tried it.  This is an EOS packed with Aloe Vera to protect, soften and hydrate your lips during your active lifestyle. It also includes SPF […]

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Peppermint Mocha EOS

Merry Christmas! Happy Holiday! Happy Whatever you Celebrate! I hope you have a  wonderful one! Since Christmas falls on a post day I wanted to do a product that had that holiday feel to it. Every year EOS releases a couple of limited editions for their Holiday Collections. Usually, it’s in a 3 pack, but […]

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Honey Apple EOS

This week I decided to choose my favorite flavor of lip balm as the Product of the Week.   The reason I actually purchased this one for the  1st time was that it was pink. I will buy something if it’s my favorite color. I’m not above it, plus if it’s covered in glitter. I got […]

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Crystal Clear EOS

I’m a big fan of EOS to the point that I always have like 4 in my purse. Even since I’ve tried it I’ve been obsessed and a little addicted. I’ve tried everything from the traditional spheres to the sticks. So when these came out of course I had to get one. It took me […]

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