Makeup Trick Test 1

So I had a  post I was going to do today and decided I didn’t want to do it.  I decided I wanted to do something different. I keep seeing a lot of makeup hack videos basically everywhere so I decided to try one today and review it. The one I’m reviewing today is an […]

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KVD 24 Hour Super Brow

Finishing out my week of eyebrows with my favorite product that I have recently come across. Kat Von D’s Beauty 24 hour Super Brow. This is my product of the week. The packaging is the traditional Kat Matte black with the glossy designed to it that little extra. The product comes in a glass jar […]

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NYX Micro Brow

Continuing on with eyebrows. I  grabbed this one at Walmart one day since they started carrying next a  few months back. My local one never has anything in my shade so I lucked out that they did this time. I just needed an eyebrow pencil that was complete shit honestly. I have had nothing but […]

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ABH Dip Brow

The past few months I have been working on getting my eyebrows on point. In that journey, I have tried several different products so I thought why not just have a week of eyebrow products. So Here we are, starting with Anastasia Beverly Hills’s Dip Brow. The package is the traditional black matte with the […]

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Eyebrow Gel

I bought this stuff on the Wish app for like 87 cents. I kept seeing it places and wanted to give it a try. Yes, it is some weird generic brand, but what do you expect.   I 1st tested this on my hand before my eyebrows. As you can see it goes on basically […]

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