Colourpop X Frozen Anna Palette.

Hello! I am moving on with the next review of the Frozen II collection from Colourpop. Let’s just jump right in with reviewing the Anna Palette. This packaging similar to the Elsa one where it is designed to fit Anna with the purple and then her a little logo on it. The back features the […]

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No Place to Hide Palette

Let me start by saying Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!! I’m continuing my Halloween themed week by reviewing the next of the Hot Topic Exclusive palettes that just recently came out for this season. This one is the Friday the 13th theme eyeshadow Palette appropriately named No Place to Hide. If you have even seen one of these […]

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Never Sleep Again Palette

This week I’m gonna be reviewing some novelty palette I ordered from Hot Topic that just came out for the Halloween Season.  I’m a huge horror movie fan so of course, I had to try them. So I thought what better time to review them than the week of Halloween.   This is the Nightmare […]

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UD Troublemaker set

Honestly, I have sat down to type up this post several times and just didn’t. I’m not sure why cause this isn’t a terrible palette or anything. I think I was just stuck. This is the Troublemaker set that has a lovely palette and a mascara. I always dig the packaging on  Urban Decay products. […]

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