Punky Colour Mood Switch

Hey, I’m back, well kind of I’m still slightly sniffly but my god I have been sick for like 2 weeks. Like I was in a semi medication-induced coma for most of the time. It’s progress and I’m taking what I can get and still drinking all the liquids I can get my hands on. […]

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Sephora Hair Ties

  I did manage to get out a product of the week. Look at me doing stuff, to take my mind of other stuff. I’m quite proud. This week’s product is one near and dear to my heart. Hair Ties, seriously I would be lost without them. If you are a  girl, guy, smurf, or […]

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BB Thickening Duo.

I have had this sample for a while now. I honestly can’t remember when I got it. I’m assuming it was from Sephora. When I came across it I figured what the hell let’s give it a try. I’ve not really tried anything from Bumble and Bumble. I believe I’ve gotten some other products but […]

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