Things I watched 3/20

Hello! It’s been a hectic week and honestly, I have been physically and mentally drained. I’m finally getting that worked out after my tonsils took me out last week. Especially with the way the world is going, it’s draining on your soul seeing how people are acting these days. So if you are in the […]

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Things I watched 3/13

Hi, I somehow always end up spending my weekends in bed binge-watching things and doing art. Honestly this weekend I was on my period so I regret nothing. I needed to be in bed cuddling my puggle. Here are some things I watched I came across this on Amazon Prime so I just turned it […]

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Things I watched 3/1

Hello. So since I liked doing the last list I did so much I decided to do it again. This one was actually from like 2 weeks ago but got lost in my drafts. I’m posing it now I watched this one cause I had seen some posts on Instagram and twitter about it. This […]

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