KVD’s Santa Sangre

I’m doing a Kat Von D week in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the brand.  I didn’t get all of the collection I only got the piece of it I really wanted. So I will be reviewing them this week. I decided to start off with the one I was most excited about. The […]

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Break the Look Down!

I have decided I’m going to start doing look breakdowns. This is just a test thing to see how I like it and if it’s something anyone who reads this will be into. This look below, I did this one actually pretty quickly and fell in love with it. So I am going to break down […]

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KVDxDivine Palette

Here is my 2nd part of the limited edition Divine collection from Kat Von D Beauty. This one is an eyeshadow palette that is simple perfection. The packaging is Divine’s iconic eyes which is exactly what needs to be on this eyeshadow palette. I’m really glad that is the route they took for both pieces […]

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Kat Von D’s Rock Candy

The moment I saw this one I wanted it.  I actually asked for it for Christmas. My wife did buy it just on Amazon and ended up paying more for it. Not gonna lie I was a little mad cause Sephora has it for $27 and that’s 27 points I could have got. I don’t […]

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KVD’s Mother of All

I chose this as my product of the week based on the fact that this particular Friday happened to fall on the anniversary of my own mother’s death. She is the reason I have my love of Lipstick. Growing up I watched her get ready for some event and put on lipstick as the finishing […]

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Kat Von D’s Metal Crush Palette

This is the new Kat Von D Highlighter Palette that just came out the day before Thanksgiving. I really dig this Metallic Rainbow packaging on this. It’s so stunning and appropriate for a highlighter. As with Kat’s previous highlight palette she put them names on the back but without the actually colors. Just this holographic […]

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