Skincare Sunday 11/8/2020

Hello Friends, I know it’s technically Monday but it’s my Sunday. I have been working Tuesday-Saturday and evening shifts at work for the past 2 weeks. Therefore, my schedule and concept of time are all fucked up right now. I laid in bed today and worked on things for this blog and my Etsy Shop. […]

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July Allure Beauty Box

Hiya, I have come to the conclusion I may have a  problem. I literally have too many of these damn boxes. So I am gonna start cutting a couple out. Because I can really and I’m tried for the most part. Which is why this is a day late I got busy getting my life […]

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June Sephora Play.

Hello, Here we are closing out the month with my Playbox. It took me to me the longest time to review since I left it the bathroom and not on my desk with the others. Also, I legit thought that today was the last day of June and it’s not so whatever. Here we go. […]

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