Sailor Moon Ultra Blotted Lip

Hello! I wanted to do a quick review on this one since it’s was also part of the Sailor Moon Collections. This is the Ultra Blotted Liquid Lipstick. The box keeps the same theme with Sailor Moon on it and the Holographic crescent moons on the sides of the box. Here is the tube. It […]

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KVD Smoke & Mirrors Set

Hello! Here is another one from my drafts. This is the KVD Smoke & Mirror mini Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Set. That I got on sale forever ago. Well, actually it was earlier this year, which seems like forever ago. The box is simple shows the lipsticks on the front. The back has all the details […]

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Huda Beauty Bullet Lipstick

Hello! I’m attempting to clean out my draft folder.  I’ve been sitting on this one for a while so it’s time I review it. This is the Huda Beauty Bullet Lipstick. The lipstick comes in this rectangle case with the brand name on it and this lovely ombre effect on it. The actual lipstick shade […]

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Too Faced Sex on the Peach set

Oh hello, I’ve been busy with work and recovering from a cold so I haven’t been able to really focus or write a word that isn’t work-related. We are slammed with the coronavirus panic and trying to ramp up to handle it. This is a lip set that I grabbed a couple of months back […]

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UDxGOT Vice Lipstick

Hiya, Every makeup collection needs lipstick and if you read this blog or know me then you know I love lipstick. So I was super excited when they announced these 4. I did panicked cause I was only able to get  3 at first and then the Dany one came back in stock so I […]

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Sephora Mystery Lip Kit

I got this Mystery bag a couple weeks back and wanted to review it while it was still available since I have a  bad habit of forgetting or not doing so. I grabbed one of these the moment I saw it cause it was lipstick and the mystery of it all is that little extra […]

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