December 19 Slam Crate

Hello, Here is the December Slam Crate which didn’t come till about the end of January hence while I’m reviewing it now. This month’s theme is Royal Rumble, you know since the Rumble was only a  couple weeks ago it worked out. Royal Rumble Sticker Set. These are stickers of the Royal Rumble Logo. We […]

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October 19 Slam Crate

Hi, So I just got this one like last week. This is what reminded me that I haven’t reviewed a Slam Crate in forever. I am assuming this is from October since they come ever 2 months and I did the math. Also, the fact that the 20th Anniversary of SmackDown was October 4th, 2019. […]

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August 19 Slam Crate

Hiya. I have realized I haven’t reviewed any of the Slam Crates I have gotten recently. Honestly, I don’t know where they came since they have been a hit and miss with the delays. I think this is the August one which was SummerSlam themed from what I can find. There was no item card […]

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June 19 Slam Crate

Hello, I know this post is super delayed. Honestly, I forgot I hadn’t reviewed it. I was all over the place last year and I’m finally at a stable point so I’m purging my saved photos for posts. This is the June WWE Slam Crate which didn’t come until like August. These crates have been […]

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April Slam Crate

Well Hello there, Listen, I know what you are thinking. Girl this post says April… what are you doing with your life? Well, this one is not on me. Slam Crate has been delayed recently so this is the April Crate but I didn’t get it till like 2 weeks ago. So here we are. […]

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April WWE Slam Crate

I’m finishing out this week with my Slam Crate subscription since it finally came. So this months theme was Own the Room which the box was listed as featuring Ronda Rousey, Mick Foley, The Shield, and Finn Bálor—plus a brand new “Y2J” Chris Jericho Slam Stars figure chosen by the WWE Universe!  When I got […]

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September Slam Crate

I know I just posted about my last one like 2 weeks ago. Well, that one was late, this one was actually on time and didn’t come the following month.  Also, I get too many boxes. I really need to stop but this one is already paid up so. Plus I love it. I really […]

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WWE April Slam Crate

I reviewed the last crate 2 months ago and didn’t plan on doing another one for it. Honestly, I got this month and changed my mind. Something about getting a box that doesn’t live up to what you want makes you want to put it out there. Maybe this is just my way of hoping […]

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March 2018 Slam Crate

` They always include a title pin. This one is the UK Championship which was just created last year after a tournament. I’m not sure why this one was chosen exactly. They could have picked a customer title belt or something that would have worked better. This is in no way of me dissing the […]

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