Love Beauty Planet Body Butter

Hello, I have drafts for months and no motivation to write. I’m gonna clear these out. I’m just sad these days. You know what makes me happy though?! This brand. Love Beauty & Planet has quickly begun my favorite brand. Seriously I use every day. They make my lotion, my shampoo, and conditioner, and my […]

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March Target Beauty Box

Hey Hey! Continuing on with this subscription week to close out the month. I did grab the Target Beauty box since I liked it so much last month. Also, you do get the preview of what is in the box before you order it which is perfect. There are no secrets. Plus it’s not a […]

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February Target Beauty Box.

Hey yo! It’s been a  busy week with cranking out 4 posts in a row. Thanks for sticking with me. I hope you guys have enjoyed it. I may do it like this every month. Instead of spreading out my subscriptions just do them all that last week like boom boom boom.  We will see. […]

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