October Yes Oh Yas!

. Continuing my subscription week with this month’s Yes Oh Yas! I got it last month and was actually impressed enough with it to decide to try it again this month. This month’s theme was Resting Witch Face which I  really like for the month of Halloween. This one included 5 products were last month […]

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June Ipsy Glam Bag.

I’m starting off the last week of this month with my Subscription plan. I think I may start just finishing out each month with them. The first one I got was Ipsy which always seems to come before my Play! box. This month’s theme was  Flying Colors which the card its self will tell you why since it’s  […]

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February Ipsy Glam Bag

This months Theme is unzipped, which is quite beautiful. I really like that they included so many different people on the front of it. It’s about embracing who you are and feeling beautiful. I wanted to include a  close up of this months card before I adored what they put on it. It’s wonderful. This […]

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August Ipsy Glam Bag

This month’s theme was Good Vibes Only which I love. It’s a motto of my life. So I was really excited when I  saw the products and theme for this. Plus I love this girl holding the rose quartz in the picture.  I’m big into crystals as well, so the entire thing was appealing to […]

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