Dear Katie Brown In The Sand

I came across Dear Katie Brown on Instagram from one of the fellow beauty-obsessed chicks that I follow. So, of course, I looked into it and only found good things about it. Plus it’s this gorgeously stunning glitter. The set I ordered was In the Sand which is an array of golden shades and a […]

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Eggie’s Case Review

I randomly came across these cute little case on Instagram. I looked into and it was actually a legit thing. Sometimes things on Instagram can be really sketchy so I always look into what I see on there if it’s something that catches my eyes. I will link the website at the bottom of the […]

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silisponge review

I  order a Silisponge from Molly Cosmetics they were on their   9th  round of orders when I  order it was in super high demand.  This was went they first came out.     It is a simple package which is nice and to the point. The  Silisponge basically looks like a tiny breast implant and […]

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Pastel Goth Palette Review

This is one of my favorite  palettes! As I’ve stated  several times I’m obsessed with Kat Von D Beauty and  when I 1st  heard of this  coming out I was so excited I couldn’t stand it. Reason  being, I’m a  girl would has always chose to wear mostly black. I have the  rogue grey, white […]

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Hey! I just wanted to  update. I’m  trying to  form a game plan of what  days I want to  update. I’ve got a  couple more products I am  doing  review  for before I start doing some newer ones. I’m going to  start  doing posts either  twice or 3 times a  week including something of the […]

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