Skincare Sunday 2/28/21

Hello, I have had this post in my drafts since Sunday Afternoon but I just never finished it. I was tired and then got sick when my Gastristis flared up so I have been unmotivated since then. I was up super early on Sunday since I had to be somewhere. I was out of commission […]

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Skincare Sunday 12/20/2020

Hello! Happy Sunday. I actually got my skincare done this morning and ended up doing a full makeup video. I had to go get Christmas Stocking stuff so it worked. That will be posted later this week. I hope everyone had a great day and an even better week. Feel Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser with the […]

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January Ipsy Glam Bag

  Hello there, We are finishing out the months with my subscription boxes. Starting with Ipsy as I always do. This month’s theme is Clean Slate. Which every January is really the perfect time for a clean slate or a restart for yourself. Here is a list of what comes in the bag. This month […]

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Social Butterfly Palette

Hiya, So I got this palette for Christmas last year. I have used it to death and lost it and found it then repeat. Also, I never reviewed it and it’s so damn good it deserves a review. This is the Social Butterfly Palette and my 1st Morphe Palette. I say that meaning one that […]

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MorpheXJamesCharles Palette

Hello Sisters! I was able to get my hands on this gorgeous palette a few weeks ago when it was finally released on Ulta’s website. Morphe had a wait list that I never got off of. If you are makeup obsessed then you are aware of the buzz of this palette or you have at […]

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Flawless Beauty Sponge.

  Finishing out my Morphe week with my favorite product from the ones I tired. This is their Flawless Beauty Sponge and my product of the week. The packaging is simple. I like being able to see what the hell I’m getting. I really did the “Blend The Rules” which just sums up a blender […]

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Jaclyn Hill Palette

Continuing my Morphe week with the palette everyone was talking about so much that made me want to give it a  try.  Honestly, I had heard of Morphe but not Jaclyn Hill. I was just starting to get into watching beauty blogger on occasion. I’m still not that girl who goes on there binges them […]

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Morphe 502 Set

This week I will be reviewing Morphe products that I have literally had for months. When I say months I mean I  got them in like February. I have used them fell in love with them. I just have not reviewed them and,  I honestly don’t know why. Seriously I use them just about every […]

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