Pretty Woman Gelogic

This Product of the week I chose something pink with a  little sparkle. I have been stalking Pretty Woman  NYC website since I first got one of their products in an Ipsy bag. There are literally so many choices that I haven’t been able to pick. I always add a bunch of stunning colors with […]

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December Ipsy

  This Month’s Theme is Snow Globe. Which is fitting since it’s December and Christmas. This bag is perfect for the theme. I really love the silver with the glitter trim at the top.   This is a brand I’ve never tired. This is Seraphine Orange + Cream Lip polish. I’ve only used a lip […]

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Formula X’s Mesmerize

This week’s Product of the Week is another one of the random Formula X polish, that I have come across in my stocking up them a sale. This one is an Effects Top Coat called Mesmerize.     If you’re not sure what exactly an effects top coat is let me explain. It’s basically what […]

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Formula X’s Decadent

  I brought this one on a  whim. It was a dark color so I wanted to try it. I sometimes prefer dark polish to anything else.  Actually, dark polish makes your nails look longer. I have a bad habit of breaking a  nail so dark polish give it that much-needed allusion. Anyways I use this […]

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October Ipsy Glam Bag

This months bag had a serious Halloween vibe and I was super excited when I got my preview of it before it shipped.   I Love this theme. Spellbound it’s really perfect for the season. Also this card I’m framing, cause that phrase is perfect! This bag is adorable as well. It’s a deep red […]

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Meg Twin Nail Midnight Rainbow

Here is the  3rd and final part of my twin nail reviews. This is Midnight Rainbow. I brought this purely for the name of it. It’s a set including a Dark Blue. It’s really is almost a Tardis Blue. If you don’t get that reference to google it or we can’t be friends.  Kidding we […]

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Meg’s Twin Nail-Aurora Vibe

Here is part 2 of 3 of my review of the Meg Cosmetics Twin Nails. This one is Aurora Vibe. This set really gives me a dark Christmas feel. Which is perfect if you love Christmas but not the bright colors of it all.  It’s got this dark forest green that you can put on […]

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Polish of the week.

Hello! Here is the  1st of one*insert product here* of  the  week. I loveeeeeeeee Polish!!! It’s one of the favorites beauty  products. I’ve always been a  girl who  likes to  have her  nails and  toe nails painted. I think it  stems from  my love of old movies. One of  my  favorites is Billy Wilder’s Seven […]

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