Dior Joy

Hello, I have been trying to clean up my office which has resulted in my finding several random samples. So I decided why not do a couple quick reviews on them. This is Joy by Dior. It smells wonderful. It’s not so much that it’s overwhelming. The scent is a light floral mixed with some […]

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Kat Von D’s Sinner Lip Set

A few months back Kat and Sephora released this as a  48 hr sale as a  promotion for her new perfume. They did 2  sets of these, one for each scent. This is part 2 of the release. Each set included a sample of both perfumes one of sinner and one of saint. It also […]

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Tom Ford’s Orchid Soleil

I have an obscene amount of perfume samples that I have collected from orders. I’ve decided I’m going to start sorting through them a do review of them as  I go along.   I really adore Tom Ford in general. I’m a  big fan of his fashion line so I  was excited about this one. […]

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