Sephora Play April 2020

Hi! Let’s finish out the last day of April. Cause tomorrow is gonna be May! You just sang that, didn’t you? Good, you should have. Here is the review of this month’s Sephora Play box! This month’s theme is the Class of 2020. Which is kind of sad since most graduations have been canceled for […]

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February Sephora Play 2020

Hiya! It’s the last day of February! It’s the 29th since it’s a leap year so of course, I wanted to make sure I used the extra day to finish this post. I’ve never done a post on this day so now I have. Anyways moving on. Here is my review of my Sephora Play […]

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April Sephora Play!

Hiiiiiii, Carrying on with my subscription with my Play! By Sephora box. This month’s theme is winning beauty. The fold out is a bingo board which is pretty cute. I was sad that I couldn’t win with this though since I’ve not done enough of these. I need to step up my game in a […]

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October Play! by Sephora.

Finishing up this week with the Play Box, which I was afraid wouldn’t happen because it only arrived a  few days ago. This is what I get for moving up my subscription week since it’s Halloween next week. This months theme was Scary-Good Beauty, which I dig so much. This fold-out gives you tips and […]

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Sephora August 2018

I’m continuing the final week of August with my Sephora Play review. This month’s theme is  Beauty Schooled which is perfect since it’s back to school time. They included a quiz in this one. Which I think is really quite cute. It like a Cosmo quiz. They had an answer key under the play points card. […]

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July Play! by Sephora

I always get my  Play!  box like a  week after my Ipsy. They ship at the same time. I just don’t get it. This Month’s Theme is More of the  Good Stuff. I like the booklet they put in this one it gives you the rundown of all the good stuff like a  juice bar. This […]

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