Beats by Dre.

Hello, lovelies, I’m back finally with another review. I have been in a lag with life in general. These headphones have helped me throught it.  I bought these a couple months ago cause I had been wanting a pair for a while. I was gonna wait for my birthday but decided to fuck it and […]

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Things I watched 3/1

Hello. So since I liked doing the last list I did so much I decided to do it again. This one was actually from like 2 weeks ago but got lost in my drafts. I’m posing it now I watched this one cause I had seen some posts on Instagram and twitter about it. This […]

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December 19 Slam Crate

Hello, Here is the December Slam Crate which didn’t come till about the end of January hence while I’m reviewing it now. This month’s theme is Royal Rumble, you know since the Rumble was only a  couple weeks ago it worked out. Royal Rumble Sticker Set. These are stickers of the Royal Rumble Logo. We […]

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Weekend Binge Reviews

Hey, So I spent the weekend listening and watching a couple things and decided I wanted to just to do a quick review post of them. Let me start with music since Friday was filled with new releases that I have listened to all weekend. So Eminem released another surprise album. There were rumors it […]

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Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! or however, you choose to say it. I hope you are happy, safe, and at least enjoying the day or trying to. I wanted to review something Christmas this year and found this on sale at Sephora about a month ago. It looked interesting so I grabbed one. I have tried […]

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